Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit or use the application (HOUSECALL) (here and after referred as “Application”).

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to enable the shift to more accessible primary and urgent healthcare while maintaining or improving on the quality of care, with the ultimate goal of improving people’s quality of life.

While using the Application, all information obtained is subject to your consent that it may be shared with another health care provider and or/service as needed for your care or for any additional required services. 

Our virtual healthcare facility will provide a physical visit and/or telemedicine from a licensed physician who will evaluate you and administer care or/additional services that may be required including but not limited to prescription and its delivery, in addition to primary care, and lab testing or diagnostic imaging. 


  • To know the mission statement of the health care facility and type of services that they provide.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect, consistent with professional standards for all patients regardless of manner of payment, race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, disability or any other factor
  • To receive care that is considerate, respectful of the patients’ personal values and beliefs.
  • To receive health care on the basis of clinical need
  • To be referred to a specialist/consultant for special care when there is a clinical need. 
  • To receive detailed explanation of their condition, care, treatment and aftercare, in terms that are free from professional jargon in order that the patient can fully understand. 
  • Patient has the right to access their medical record and medical Information 
  • To privacy during examination, procedures, clinical care/ treatment; and they have the right to know who is in attendance and the purpose of those in attendance on them. 
  • To receive verbal and written information about any proposed treatment and to be told if there are any alternatives available.
  • To have all clinical and pharmaceutical records kept fully updated and relevant, information fully documented and personal details and records are kept fully confidential and protected from loss and misuse 
  • Have the freedom to choose their pharmaceutical care provider 
  • To receive relevant, current and understandable information concerning their drugs and treatment and decision-making about their drugs and treatment choices 
  • To discuss and request information related to their specific drug therapy, possible adverse side effects and drug interactions.
  • To be provided with Arabic/English interpreter services; and all other language barriers will be accommodated based upon available translation resources. 
  • To have any complaint that they may make, acknowledged, fully investigated, and be provided with a written response as per the facility policy 
  • To be protected from physical assault during their visit from the health care facility staff.
  • To appropriate protection if they are children, disabled, elderly or vulnerable.


  • To have their medical card/insurance card with them every time they are receiving care and treatment from the health care facility, if available.
  • To follow the rules and regulations of the health care facility.
  • To show respect and to be courteous to the staff
  • Not use abusive language and/or display unsocial behavior to staff
  • Should give accurate information about personal details and past medical history as well as to inform the medical staff of any treatments and medications that they are taking and history of allergy or of allergic reaction to any medication
  • Be accountable for their own actions if they decide not to follow the health care provider instructions and/or treatment plan and recommendations
  • To safeguard any belonging that they decide to keep in their possession during staff visits to their home
  •  Is accountable for the payment of the services provided by the health care facility as applicable.

(PATIENT) General Consent for Healthcare services -

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge and authorize (and if I am the legal representative of the patient I authorize on behalf of the patient and, in relation to non-medical treatment matters, myself) on the following:

  1. Responsibility for Payment: I will be responsible for all charges and expenses billed by Housecall arising from my care and treatment.
  2. Personal Property: Housecall and its staff are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to my belongings during the staffs visit to my home unless declared by me, provided to and signed by Housecall staff.
  3. Disclosure of Medical Information: I consent to the disclosure and use of my medical information (including copies of my medical record and/or access to my electronic medical record through an electronic device or the internet) to:
    • Housecall staff involved in my care
    • Healthcare professionals in other health care facilities or labs who may become involved in my care such as those providing another opinion or continuation of my care and treatment.
    • My insurance company, employer or other person paying my medical expenses (for example, to determine whether my care or other treatment is medically necessary, or which is required to process payment for my bill).
    • Regulatory, judicial and other governmental authorities where authorized or required by laws and regulations (including in relation to suspected illegal activities).
  4. Request from Prior Healthcare Providers: Housecall and staff may contact other healthcare providers to obtain information related to the care and treatment provided to me.
  5. Blood Withdrawal and Receipt: The drawing from my body of blood for diagnosis and testing as deemed necessary by Housecall physicians
  6. Tissues and Specimens: Housecall or partnered third party labs and or/ medical waste facilities to examine, use, store and dispose of any tissue, fluids or specimens obtained from my body during my care and treatment.
  7. Housecall primary care center rules: Housecall primary care center to take appropriate actions for the safety and welfare of myself and other patients if I do not follow the the Housecall primary care center rules explained to me by Housecall staff.
  8. Duration of Consent: I have given consent to the above-mentioned General Consent so long as I am using the application (Housecall) for my treatment and care.