Primary care doctor home visits

Caring doctors at home for

Same-day primary care provider home visits (house calls).

More accessible than ever

Home visits and teleconsultations are covered for most major insurance plans. Available in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

The care doesn't end with the visit

  • Any medications prescribed during your visit will be delivered to you.
  • If your primary care provider orders labs, our staff will collect the samples at your home.

See a doctor today. Reach us by phone at 0504399365 for help booking a visit.

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Housecall makes it easy and convenient to see a highly-qualified primary care doctor.

Mobile app

The Housecall mobile app makes it easy to book an unrushed doctor visit or teleconsultation in the comfort of your own home. Licensed and qualified doctors can order labs, write prescriptions, and refer you to other specialists.

Physical presence

Our doctors arrive prepared with the equipment they need to adequately assess your health. They’re also able to perform necessary physical examinations that just wouldn’t be possible over a video call.


Good primary care is accessible. You shouldn’t have to stress about finding the right clinic, figuring out how to schedule an appointment, and dealing with traffic to get the care you need.

Safe access to care

Don’t delay treatment! Get the care you need at home, without the need to sit in a crowded waiting room.

Billing upfront

We accept major insurance plans. If you're not covered, know exactly how much you're going to pay for a consultation before booking your visit. No worrying about bills in the mail.

Accessible care for family members

Schedule visits for members of your household.